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Hello Down There!

Yep, it's FyberSearch and we finally noticed you looking up at us from all the way down there clinging to the mere hope of catching a glimpse of all that we are.

Unfortunately our pedestal is sooo very tall that you'll never be able to see us. Nope, not even that little glimpse you were hoping for will ever happen. There is just too much distance from us (up top) to the rest of you (so very far down).

However, after years of seeing your torment at our unavailability we've decided to toss some info out about us from time to time.

Keep in mind (we know, it may not have much room but try to give it a shot anyway) that every bit of information about us is so jam packed full of significance that we have to translate it into something you can comprehend so even with this method we won't be able to give you a complete description.

One last thing.... make sure to say thank you ;-).
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