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Search Engine Submission Marketing Favor

Search engines want to list your site in their results where people are already looking but they need to know about it first. We'll tell them.

You don't know how search engines work or which search engines even exist. We do.

You don't want to figure out how to submit to them. We already have.

You wouldn't want some outdated automated submission software messing things up even more. We have a person submit by hand.

We'll complete your submission within 48 hours for $14.99. You're welcome. Maybe one day you'll be able to repay us for this favor.
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The Fine Print

Everyone has some fine print but unlike the rest we actually publish ours. It's even in the same font size as the rest of the page. Wow!

1. Search engines have control over which sites they include, when they include them and how long they leave them included for. We tell them about your site and they decide what to do with it. No one can guarantee that your site will be included. If we could then we'd charge you a bunch more.

2. Search engines have control which keywords they rank your site under.

3. Search engines have control over how high your site is ranked under specific keywords.

4. If you want to try to influence how high your site is ranked and/or which keywords it is ranked under then search engine optimization is the industry you're looking for. Getting listed is a prerequisite though so don't skip our submission service.

Search Engine Submission List

We'll submit to these search engines. Other search engines pull results from some of them so getting included in these means getting included in others that we haven't listed here.

This list was last updated on September 16th 2013.

Search Engine Page Rank Alexa Rank
Google 9/10 1
Baidu 9/10 5
Bing 8/10 16
Soso 7/10 53
Seznam 7/10 379
Exalead 7/10 27,634
Scrub The Web 6/10 3,542
Entireweb 6/10 5,905
Jayde 6/10 7,669
Active Search Results 5/10 2,249
Sonic Run 5/10 15,022
Semager 5/10 47,844
Canadian Content 5/10 101,041
AnazitisiS 5/10 256,250
FyberSearch 4/10 7,462
Secret Search Engine Labs 4/10 7,519
Anoox 4/10 9,581
Websquash 4/10 13,827
Infotiger 4/10 16,976
Claymont 4/10 22,826
Amidalla 4/10 34,426
Boitho 4/10 57,980
TowerSearch 4/10 144,369
Spiffy Search 4/10 147,197
GhetoSearch 3/10 9,552
FeedPlex 3/10 17,018
SentenceSeek 3/10 30,618
AxxaSearch 3/10 30,703
The Lesson Finder 3/10 444,659
Mixcat 0/10 70,656
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