FyberSearch visits websites, saves them, reviews their contents, determines their order and publishes the results.
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Knowledge is power. Why? Because without knowing anything you can still do things but you'll have no idea what they are, why you're doing them, how to do them or where doing them will take you. So maybe the saying should be knowledge is functional power but adding that word in may be unnecessary because dysfunctional power is useless.

Anyway, the more power the better right? Therefore, the more knowledge the better. That's what search engines are all about, taking inquiries and connecting them to their sought after destinations. Sort of like a request medium. The switchboard of the internet.

And guess what? FyberSearch is a search engine.

What Does It Take To Be A Search Engine?

Alot. Not necessarily proper spelling though.

The Web Crawler: This little guy views the underlying code of web pages, saves a copy for later processing, extracts links to other web pages, saves those and then visits another web page out of the list of links it compiled.

The Algorithm: This is the mathematical code that considers all kinds of things pertaining to a web page and arranges them in order.

The Indexer: This is the next step after the web crawler. It opens up the saved copies of the web pages that the web crawler made and processes them. It figures out which words and phrases the web page should be listed under and uses the algorithm to organize them.

The Database: This is where the indexer puts the web pages listed by the words and phrases it determined they were relevant to in the order the algorithm determined. This way they can be effectively and efficiently retrieved later.

The Search Result Serving Program: This is the thing that runs every time you type a word or phrase into a search box. It finds the section of the database that contains the web pages for the word or phrase searched for, dynamically generates the search results page and shows it to you.

It also takes computers and internet connections. The more and better your computers and internet connections the more room your search engine has to expand its web page collection. But all the computers and internet connections in the world won't allow your technology to grow beyond its inherent limitations determined by the quality of the idea itself.

Our History

We have a long history dating back to November 2003 when we were founded. We reincarnated on November 9th 2014 and have left our previous life where it belongs, in the past. It was full of fun, excitement and lots and lots of learning and there was nothing particularly bad about it but we needed a fundamental change that even a complete overhaul couldn't accomplish which is why we reincarnated and called our transition by that name instead of a more technologically familiar term like update.
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